What, How, and When?

Researching  the-origin-of-life         raises the questions of: 

  • What actually constitutes life 
  • How and why did it originate, and 
  • what is its destiny?

The-Origin-Of-Life What, How, and When? 

Microbes In Water

Protozoa In Water

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Questions about The-Origin-Of-Life have vexed mankind ever since our cognizant minds became capable of abstract thought.

To this day, despite all our knowledge, it still remains a mystery as to what actually constitutes Life and how innate, lifeless matter came to be infused with life.

What is the life-force that leaves a body at the moment of death? These are the two contrasts: Life on the one hand and Death , the absence of Life, on the other!

It is of course easy to just accept that there is a life-force driving the living body, and that Death results when that life-force leaves the body.

Our inquiring mind, however, when contemplating concepts such as the origin-of-life , wants to know more and seeks answers:

  • How did Life-And-Matter originate in the first place?
  • Can Life exist without matter - Spiritual Life?
  • Did Life exist before The-Origin-Of-Matter ?
  • How, and to what extent, do the individual little life-forces of the millions of cells comprising our bodies differ and interact with the Life-force of the body as a whole?
  • We talk of a body being "brain-dead" when the life-force leaves the body. This seems to insinuate that our lives depend on a functioning brain, but what about plants, protozoa and other life-forms that do not have brains?
  • What happens to the life-force after it leaves a body?
  • Is there life-after-death?
  • Is there Eternal Life?
  • If there is Eternal Life, then in what form will we experience it? Will we just be a spiritual entity, or will we then  possess  some kind of physical body?

As you can see, when searching for the-origin-of-life we come up with more questions than answers! Let us examine them with a view to attempting to find and also determine what the implications are.


What is the ethereal essence that ignited the "spark" responsible for The-Origin-Of-Life that infuses the "life-forces" that govern the function of all living organisms?

If we Google the keyword “Life” we arrive at definitions that define Life as organisms capable of surviving independently and capable of reproducing themselves to ensure continuous procreation of the species.

Such definitions however do not actually determine the-origin-of-life but only define the physical functioning of living organisms after their origins. They do not answer our question as to what initially actually triggered and then sustained and still sustains these functions!

At the instant of death “something” either departs from the body or just ceases to exist! The chemical makeup  of the body remains exactly the same, but something is missing! It is this specific  “something” that we call “Life” . But what is It?

Atheists claim that this "life force" is the result of natural spontaneous progression in the development and enhancement of matter - nothing more!

When searching for the essence of life, however, we must ascertain whether Life is more than just neurological impulses from the brain being channeled through the nervous systems, carrying instructions that govern the numerous functions of our body systems.

Or can it be some form of programming similar to a computer program?

  • If so, then we must ask Who or What is responsible for this programming?
  • Is this programming species-specific , or does the same programming cover all living matter?
  • Can this "life-force" not in fact be another name for a spiritual entity known as a  " soul" which temporarily infuses the living body, but leaves it at the instant of death, and continues to exist?
  • If this is the case, then what about animals and other life-forms ?
  • Do they then also possess a soul, or is a soul something peculiar to us humans with our cognizant ability of being able to think abstractly?


The Christian views on the Origin of Life-And-Matter , along with those of J udaism and Islam, are based largely on the Creation account as related in Genesis 1 & 2 in The Bible . This is further expanded in the Gospel of John.

"In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He existed in the beginning with God.
God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him.
The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone ".
John 1: 1-5 NLT.

To the Christian, the basics of The-Origin-Of-Life are that in the beginning God willed everything into existence out of Nothing! God broke the primordial silence by "speaking" Creation into existence.

God first formed matter. He then developed matter to the complexity to where it could support the first living organisms that He formed. From these He, over time, developed ever more diverse and complex living organisms such as plants, fish and animals. This process eventually culminating in the creation of Man as we exist today.

The lesson to be appreciated is that we were planned to exist, and that God our Creator had a reason for creating us! We are not here because of some Cosmic accident! In other words, there is enormous comfort to be drawn from knowing that we are wanted !

The problem within Christianity is not Who is responsible for the The-Origin-Of-Life. We all agree that God created Life! Sadly, however, deep differences arise in the interpretation as to How and When it happened. It is a pity that these differences often cause bitterness between people who should be amicable Brothers in Christ !

This all arises from individuals who, having conflicting views of reality, interpret Scripture through the lenses of their own particular paradigms , each believing they are interpreting the Word of God correctly and truthfully. In their own eyes this leaves no room for compromise.

These are the issues we hope to reconcile in this forum, utilizing all the knowledge and resources we currently have at our disposal. Our conviction remains that the Word of God (The Scriptures),  and His Creation  (Scientific Discovery), must be in harmony!

We will therefore explore the How and When of The-Origin-Of-Life on other relevant web pages.

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