Birth Of The Universe

The-Big-Bang-Theory attempts to retrace our expanding universe through an increasingly dense past to its ultimate origin from a cataclysmic event believed to have occurred 13.7 billion years ago.

The Original Big Bang?

An artists impression of the initial moment of creation.

The Big Bang Timeline?

The last 13.7 billion years of accelerating expansion

NASA Credit

Scientific Postulation  Behind The-Big-Bang-Theory   

In 1929 astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) discovered that the Galaxies in the Universe were moving further away from each other, at an immense but measurable rate.

This observation gave rise to the obvious postulation that, if the universe is continuously expanding, it would surely be only logical to conclude that the further back in time our calculations take us, the more compacted the stellar components must have been.

We would in fact eventually arrive at a mind-boggling point in time when all finite matter, comprising the entire universe, would have been squashed into something unimaginably small that physicists call a “singularity” that was “infinitely dense”, infinitely minute ”, and “infinitely hot”.

When physicists arrive at such a zone established by their calculations, but the dynamics of which defy their current concepts of physics, they name it a “singularity”. Wikipedia for instance describes Gravitational Singularity as: “A point in space-time in which gravitational forces cause matter to have an infinite density and zero volume”.

We are therefore lead to accept the postulation that, approximately 13.7 billion years ago, there must have been a beginning - or what we would call a Genesis ! Before that moment there must have been nothing. Even “Space” as we know it did not then even exist! A millisecond later though, an incomprehensibly dense and powerful burst of energy materialized embodying all the energy which comprises the entire universe as we know it today.

The-Big-Bang-Theory attempts to help us understand what occurred in that millisecond, and also comprehend what has developed from then ever since!

Was It Really A Loud “Big Bang”?

The term “Big Bang” suggests an infinitely loud, severe explosion. It is unlikely however that this could be an accurate description of what occurred. Sound is transmitted as a result of the ripple action of atoms and molecules severely impacting each other. This of course could not occur because no atoms and molecules exist yet for this to be able to happen!

Rather than an explosion, there would probably have been an instantaneous, immense inflation from within the original infinitesimally minute “singularity”. An expanding inflation that has continued over the past 13.7 billion years whereby our universe has reached the existing volume it encompasses today.

Did It Occur As A Sudden Fireball In Space?

The answer again is No! This singularity did not occur somewhere out in what we would recognize as space. Scientists concur that "space" - and even "time" as we know it - did not then exist outside of this singularity! Space, and time itself they believe, came into existence within this singularity!

Before , nothing existed. Absolutely  nothing ! Not matter, not light, not space, not time, and not even energy! Just a  Void  of absolutely empty  non-existence ! Instantly  afterwards  however,  everything  suddenly came into existence! That would include space, time, and all the requisite energy with the necessary potential for eventually evolving into the diversity of  life-and-matter  as we have come to know it today.

Where Does God Fit Into The-Big-Bang-Theory?

Regardless of how one approaches it, Creation itself occurred outside of the realm of our knowledge regarding the dynamics of nature. In other words, it was a “Supernatural” event! This also raises the question as to what comprises the Supernatural? Cosmogony  (the study of the Origin of the Universe) has become an area where Science and Theology converge.

How Great is our God? :

Isn't it strange that, with the greatest minds amongst us acknowledging their inability to grasp such “singularities”, including concepts such as  Infinity  or  Eternity  (not only in the future, but also going infinitely back in time as well) that many skeptics still call for “scientific proof” that  God  exists?

Surely  God,  as  Supreme Creator  or  Initial Cause,  would encompass all of these and much more? If  Creation  itself is beyond our comprehension, how would it be possible for anyone to comprehend the  Creator?

If anything, it seems, the inadequacies of the comprehensive abilities of even our greatest scientific minds concerning  the-origin-of-matter  are revealed by analyzing The-Big-Bang-Theory !

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