Question: The clash between Fundamental Creationists and Skeptical Scientific Theory: When will the playing fields be leveled?

by Carel
(South Africa)

BBC News: Teaching Evolution Key To Free School Funding Deal.

“Failing to teach evolution by natural selection in science lessons could lead to new free schools losing their funding under government changes.”
“The new rules state that from 2013, all free schools in England must teach evolution as a ‘comprehensive and coherent scientific theory’. The move follows scientists' concerns that free schools run by creationists might avoid teaching evolution.”


This story goes to emphasize that our Fundamentalist brothers in faith, while mistakenly believing that they are defending God’s word, are in fact rendering a disservice to God’s Kingdom.

In them refusing to acknowledge much basic scientific truth that we have come to learn regarding nature and the universe, they are in fact attempting to imprison our faith in ancient uninformed concepts that, for instance, literally believed that the world was flat!

This does not detract from the genuine Spiritual truths we learn from the authors of the Bible, but that we must accept their limited terms-of-reference and vocabulary regarding the natural world.

• If I may quote Galileo Galilei: “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with Sense, Reason, and Intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”

The truth is in fact that enhanced knowledge of nature increases our capacity to better grasp the Glory and Magnificence of our God!

Conversely, however, sceptical scientists also need to acknowledge that they themselves are guilty of double standards in this regard. They have done wonderful work in researching the growth and development of both living as well as inert matter in our universe. This has been based on sound research into observable facts.

However, when it comes to going all the way back to defining what preceded what they refer to as “The Big Bang”, they themselves enter the realm of pure speculation. The sceptics here assert that everything came into existence, of its own volition.........out of Nothing! This of course is the only assertion available if one rejects the existence of a Creator God!

Surely we should demand that If these scientists insist that “Creationist Theory” not be taught at private schools at the risk of losing government subsidies, then they themselves should be similarly be penalized for teaching that everything came into existence spontaneously, out of own volition, out nothing, without God, whom they proclaim doesn’t exist!

Because this speculation cannot be scientifically proven, even though they try and spoon-feed us accepting it being fact! Shouldn’t their own research funding be similarly effected?

Please! Let’s try and level the playing fields!

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