What If They Collide?

What is the difference between matter-and-antimatter? Does antimatter exist, and if so, can it pose a threat to existence as we know it?

Ordinary Matter

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Elementary Particles Of Helium's Anti-matter Counterpart .

  • Positively charged anti-electron Positron (+)
  • Negatively charged anti-proton (-)
  • Even anti-neutrons (0)!
  • A true opposing Anti-atom for helium.

Another of God's paradoxes?

What If Matter Collides With Antimatter ?

What would be the consequences? It brings to mind the old adage of an irresistible force colliding with an immovable object! Surely if such substances should meet they would annihilate each other?

One thing seems certain - they cannot amicably co-exist! Either one would become dominant and destroy the other thereby determining the nature of reality, or there is the unthinkable alternative of both matter, as well as antimatter, possesing  the same power. In this event they could possibly completely destroy each other, thereby ending the very existence of both!

The Two Opposiing Forms Of Matter


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One Electron

One Proton which is itself also composed of even smaller particles

One Positron

One Anti-proton which is itself also composed of even smaller particles.

Does Antimatter Actually Exist?

Quantum Mechanics involves the study of particles of matter so minute that the physicists’ research methods have long ago outstripped our ability to visually observe these particles. We form our mental images by relying on indications provided by mathematical equations that scientists arrive at from analyzing the results of their research.

In this regard, Paul Dirac (1902 – 1984) in 1928 first came forward with equations that suggested the existence of positively charged electrons! He initially wouldn’t accept his own theory as it was something regarded as completely unthinkable at the time.

Carl Anderson (1905 – 1991) while experimenting with cosmic rays, actually discovered this anti-electron thereby vindicating Dirac’s equations. The anti-electron was named a positron.

In 1955 physicists discovered the anti-proton, and before long the anti-neutron. These findings therefore confrmed the actual existence of complete anti-atoms. This fact has now led to the general acceptance that both matter-and-antimatter do somehow co-exist.

How Did The Matter We Know Become Dominant?

Physicists believe that The-Big-Bang-Theory applied to the-origin-of-matter  indicate that both matter-and-antimatter co-exist. As to why the matter we know so quickly became dominant is not clear but evidently it did so.

Even though both matter-and-antimatter when produced in experiments lead to the same outcome, the cause remaines a mystery. Recent experiments however indicate that normal matter is produced with approximately a 1% dominance. This it appears is evidently enough to maintain supremacy.!

There is so much we do not understand concerning matter-and-antimatter. Our experience of the immense power constrained within an atom has also taught us of the dangers involved in what we are dealing with. To quote Jim Walker author of “ATOMS : A short history of the knowledge of the atom”:

“The world of the atom, the quanta of particles, appears so strange that we can no longer visualize what we think and talk about. The particles have a quality of complete random existence and non-existence about them.

If you delve into the strange world of atoms, you might start going crazy and start speaking to dogs!"

This is a chilling reminder however of the knife-edge on which all existence is precariously balanced. We also get an inkling into how easily God could make an end to everything by just flipping the switch in favor of Antimatter!

A Metaphor For Goodness And Sin?

Isn't it canny how this destructive relationship between Matter-and-Antimatter also serves as a metaphor for Goodness and Sin? Our lives consist of a daily non-ending struggle between these two divergent impulses.

Just as the case with matter-and-antimatter, these two impulses cannot exist amicably. They are always in opposition. We know what is good and right but, to paraphrase the apostle Paul:

Romans 7:19 “ I want to do what is good, but I don't. I don't want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway”.

This results in an intense mental struggle which torments our consciences and must be taken seriously.

Every human has been endowed by God with an inherent desire towards Goodness, grounded in our need to seek Him. Other forces however invade our psichi with opposing inclinations. Our whole lives seem to be caught up in a continuous struggle between these two opposing tendencies.

These mental and emotional struggles can trigger an internal conflict that feeds a guilty conscience which can eventually even drive a person to madness or even  suicide. 

As Christians though, we are reassured by the words of Jesus:

John 3:16: "For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life”.

Just as with matter-and-antimatter, one or the other inclination will become dominant, thereby determing either wellness or leading to the annihilation of his or her living existence!

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