Learning-To-Utilize-Matter: Prehistory

Our primitive ancestors, through learning-to-utilize-matter and fire, became skilled in the manufacture of crude tools and weapons that enhanced their chances of survival

Primitive Caveman Utilizing Matter

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Our perceptions of what-is-matter, and eventually the-origin-of-matter, developed slowly from our origins as cave dwelling hunter gatherers.

Primitive Cavemen were probably actually more preoccupied in learning to utilize the different forms of matter they were discovering, rather than pondering on what actually constituted the matter they were utilizing and how it had been made.

Stone Age Tools Used In Learning-To-Utilize-Matter

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Naturally, the first tools and weapons that archeologists have been able to recover consisted of crudely fashioned stones, sharpened sticks, and bone fragments. They were obviously utilized as tools to slice through meat and skin; scrape hides clean to prepare them for clothing; pounding grain and roots to make them more edible; digging for roots and preparing traps for catching animals; and as knives and spearheads as stabbing weapons.

These would serve as indispensable aids in the daily needs of these hunter-gatherers, giving them an increasing edge in the struggle for survival.

Learning To Live Surviving The Vagaries Of Nature.

It is fascinating to study the increasing sophistication and quality of their tools and weapons over a period of time. Studies also indicate that this growing utilization was not only confined to inert matter. With the passing of time primitive man was also learning to utilize living matter.

They were a progressively also learning to utilize animals by domesticating them and also learning how to plant edible plants thereby gaining a more assured food supply. This was the birth of agriculture as we know it today.

Learning To Make And Utilize Fire.

Another important factor enhancing their chances of survival was learning how to make and utilize fire. They discovered that fire had many other uses apart from keeping you warm! They learned to use fire to aid them in more effectively utilizing various forms of matter and as an aid in preserving and cooking food.

Learning How To Smelt And Utilize Metal:
The Bronze And Iron Ages

All this culminated in man learning to utilize metal. These developments set mankind on an so far unstoppable course of domination over all other competing forms of life.

Iron Age Tools

Where Are We Headed And What Is Our Destiny?

In a very real sense, the future of mankind and all nature within in our solar system, is now securely in our hands. Regardless of our individual belief systems (or even the lack thereof) mankind has come to dominate the planet we live on. Learning-to-utilize-matter more responsibly must become paramount.

The bottom line is that, as the dominant specie on the planet, we are now carry the responsible for the stewardship over its remaining resources. How we exercise this responsibility is crucial. The selfish road is the wrong road and will rapidly lead to disaster. We need inspiration to seek the better way and as a Christian I believe that, in fact, that is our destiny.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope”.

We must remember, learning-to-utilize-matter responsibly is imperative to our ultimate survival!

Nuclear Explosion

Credit: Google Images

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