Following the Sowers

by Carel

We have come to understand the parable of the Seed-sower in a different light.

I used to presume that the definition of “fertile soil” was a person that has been evangelized and grounded in the teachings of scripture. The soul has become convinced of its lost state and has gratefully accepted the redemption and salvation offered by Jesus through His crucifixion and resurrection. This of course is the core foundation of our Christian faith, and the ultimate “a-ha” moment of our lives.

We have however come to realize that there is also a far wider meaning behind this parable. The soul has been made fertile up to this point by God’s careful cultivation throughout our lives in preparation for this moment. However, after coming to faith and accepting Christ and becoming a Christ follower, this soil, for each one of us, has to be kept fertile.

We are all still part of this world, continuously affected by circumstances. We understandably still react to life according to our individual personalities, struggling to cope with our attachments and hang-ups. However, we have a calling!

We come to minister to people who's hearts have also been battered, bruised, and confused by the vagaries of life. Searching hearts that feel vulnerable lost and utterly disillusioned, reaching out for seeds of healing, love, and compassion.

We have come to understand however that the opposite is also true. We also come across souls that are caught up in the adoration and contemplation of beauty; listening to the chords of a beautiful symphony; brushing away a tear after reading a heartwarming and inspiring story; and those glorious moments when we actually feel and experience the closeness of God. This soil is now particularly fertile and receptive to receive seeds to lift them to still higher and more profound heights

In short, these seeds will be case-specific for each individual at a specific moment of his or her life, and we all need them throughout our lives to enabled us to cope and grow.

We have come to understand that our roll as Christ followers is to follow behind the seed-sowers and, on finding any seeds that are lying on fertile soil but still exposed to the birds and the elements, to reach out and push them a little deeper.

If we happen to find some seeds on the roadside to pick up and plant into fertile soil – well, that’s just a bonus!

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