Everything From Nothing? 

Creator-Or-Chance? What brought our Universe and Life into existence? Are we meant to be, or are we here by accident?

The Sombrero Galaxy 

One of billions of Galaxies that make up our Universe

Credit: NASA

Creator-Or-ChanceThe Two Alternatives 

Omnipotent Creator


GOD's Infinite  Immenseness !

Einstein talked of the universe consisting of "Matter expanding into" Nothing "that is" Something "....



These brackets were used as mathematical symbols by Bertrand Russell to indicate "Nothing"

A sterile empty void - without even the potential to exist!

Which Is The  Ultimate,  Unequivocal  Truth?

Creator-Or-Chance ? 

The Question to be answered is: Was everything that exists Created , or did everything  emerge  spontaneously from nothing - just by Chance? 

In other words, which of these two diametrically opposed viewpoints can be  accepted as the  definitive,  indisputable, and  unequivocal  Truth ?

Ultimately, all proposals and concepts pertaining to the origin and development of all  life-and-matter  that make up our universe, will boil down to one of these two  perceptions: Creator-Or-Chance . 

Let us then,  from   the  outset concede  that either way,  whatever our viewpoint, it cannot be scientifically proven beyond any shadow of doubt. It remains a decision of choice.

The Debate:

I have no argument with the proclamation that all matter consists, in fact, of a manifestation of   unique and  specific forms of energy.

These  are  conclusions arrived at by greater minds than my own, and I defer to their superior intellects when confined to their own specific genres of research.

submit however that, even as laymen, we can legitimately examine and question the practical consequences of applying their theories. 

Remember, in the end, that remains all that all that they are - Theories!

Observable Matter :

We are taught for instance (as observed in the pie-chart below) that we can only observe less than 5% of everything that exists. This is due to the fact that this is the only matter that reflects light.

Dark Matter : 

There is then a further up to 23% of matter referred to as Dark-Matter that cannot be observed as it does not reflect light. It does however have an observable substantial gravitational  effect on observable matter.

Dark Energy 

 We are further informed that there remains an overwhelming 73%  of what is referred to as Dark-Energy. This is the source of energy that is believed to be driving the accelerating expansion of the Universe.

Taking all this into  consideration, how can anyone be adamant regarding Chance as the source?

Surely we have no option other than to humbly confess how limited our  knowledge must be when we can only observe 5% of what actually makes up the incomprehensible immensity of what makes up the universe?

Surely there can be no room for dogmatic theoretical proclamations regarding the origin of the Cosmos whether by a creator-or-chance

In the end, everything just boils down to being someone's opinion!

Neither can be proven as such beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Let us, however, examine the evidence ....!

I believe that everything eventually boils down to  three  basic concepts that are in themselves unarguable , namely: 

  1. infinity,
  2. Eternity,
  3. The  Existence of our Universe !

Depicting The Make-up Of Our Cosmos


INFINiTY encompasses the concept of  Unending Distance  which attempts to describe the Spaciousness of the Universe.

What are the Parameters? Where does the Universe start and where does it end?  If these can be determined then it

+of course raises the question that, if there are parameters, then what lies beyond?

As we discuss in the article on  The-Big-Bang-Theory ,  physicists claim that Space, as we know it, did not even exist prior to the instant that everything came into existence, whether by  Creation or Chance.

Without wasting time arguing that point, the fact remains that Space does exist now, at this present moment! Surely it is then perfectly legitimate  to ask: Where are the Parameters and Boundaries of Space at this present moment?

How far does Space itself extend? If we attempt to establish boundaries, however, we are immediately confronted with the question as to what then lies beyond those boundaries? And a trite proposal such as that there is then just "nothing" is certainly not satisfactory!


(The concept of “ Nothing” has itself never been successfully defined - neither Philosophically or Mathematically. The problem being that as soon as you label something you are  inferring  existence , and anything that exists can not be defined as Nothing!)

Dictionary definition: " Infinite  - Having no boundaries or limits" .

How can you define something that is indefinable, or confine something that is by definition Infinite 


ETERNITY encompasses the concept of Time . This Infers  a Past , Present , and Future .

Similar to their reasoning on  Space , physicists also claim that, according to Relativity Theory, Time also did not exist prior to everything coming into existence , and the same reasoning applies.

Time however  does  at this moment exist. We live in the P resent with well recorded  History and an anticipated  Future, but when was the beginning ?   Let us  consider the implications:

Eternity ,  when viewed as unending  “Time yet to come” , does not pose much of a problem because it still lies in the future and can quite comfortably  only be  anticipated.

The problem arises however  when considering "  Time in retrospect ".     Going back in time! Where can you then reasonably place a beginning without wondering as to what went before?

I'm afraid that conveniently claiming that Time did not then exist is not provable and sounds like a "cop out".  


Dictionary definition: “ Eternity  -  Time without beginning or end”.


The Existence Of Our Universe: 

Here at least we have something tangible!

Regardless of whether it emanated  from a creator-or-chance  it visibly exists !. We observe it, we touch it, we are part of it. The  existence  of the Universe is therefore, from both  perspectives, accepted as undeniable fact and Truth ! 

When we start though actually examining the  nature  and  dynamics  of the  Life–And-Matter  that makes up our Universe, other questions arise such as: How and Why did it come into existence?


Credit: Google Images

Chance Or Mastermind?

Unfortunately, as already mentioned, neither of these two concepts can be scientifically proven as indisputably correct!

Our convictions, one way or the other, remain an individual's own cognisant choice, determined by the paradigms of  his or her individual  understanding and prejudices.

When searching for the Original  Primal Instigation behind concepts such as the The-Origin-Of-Matter as well as The-Origin-Of-Life, there are only two possibilities: Were they the product of a Creator-or-Chance ?

It is not our intention, on this page, to put forward scientific arguments proving the existence of God. We are already convinced!

There are many other pages on the web that are better qualified to do so, for example : and

My major aim with this page is to enhance the idea that, by accepting everything as the work of a Creator God , it logically establishes that, like  Infinity and  Eternity , God Himself  is also beyond  comprehension.

Creator-Or-Chance ? This remains the profound basic question forming the cornerstone of all doctrines of both Religion as well as Disbelief.

However, there remain  other questions which will be further explored on other pages such as: Who is the Creator ?

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