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Born: 1940 in Harare, Zimbabwe

Schooling: Prince Edward Secondary School, Harare

Diploma in Business Management: Damlin College, Pretoria, South Africa:  

Current Residence: Pretoria, South Africa 

Victoria Falls - Zambia

Zimbabwe Ruins

What You Might Want Know About-Me

 Please just call me Carel. Here are a few details about-me.

As you will notice from my photographs I’m pushing on a bit a bit in years but I intend, God willing, to still accomplish a few more things in my life!

I was born, raised, educated, and started working  in what is now Zimbabwe. In 1958 I moved to what is now Zambia where I met and married my dear wife, and where our three children - two sons and a daughter, were born. 

We ended up farming in Zambia for a number of years before moving to Pretoria, South Africa, mainly for the sake of our children’s education.

After building up a successful builders-supply and hardware business, which we eventually sold, my sons and I embarked on a construction and property-development business in which we are still very much involved.

We have lived through and survived the “winds of change” that have blown over this part of the world. There are still many storm clouds on the horizon, but God has been good to us. We have so much to be thankful for and trust Him for the future.

I am an avid reader, blessed with a searching mind and a passion for acquiring knowledge. I have to admit to a draw-back however. My fields of interest are so broad that I often find it  difficult to maintain focus.

But, to quote Mark Twain:

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them."

Apart from my family, however, there have always been two main constants in my life – my Christian faith, and the Desire to write!

Regarding my faith, my reading and the resulting broad exposure to ideas have kindled a passion to try and reconcile inherited concepts concerning Creation, the origin of life-and-matter as related in the Bible, with Knowledge of Nature which have become evident through enhanced insights gained from scientific research and discovery.

Surely It must be self-evident that the Word of God, as revealed in the Bible, and His Creation as perceived in Nature should not, and in fact cannot contradict each other? If they appear to do so, then obviously our interpretation of either one or the other (or even both) is flawed.

Me And My Secretary

My Secretary At Work

Caught Sleeping On The Job

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