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The Watering Hole News, Issue #003 -- teaser here
May 30, 2013
"Our windows determine our views, but no one can see the whole picture".

Publisher: Carel Snyman

Website: Life and
Blog: The Life And Matter Blog

From The Editor

Hi everyone!

Have you heard of the athlete who was so far behind that it looked as if he was in front? Well, I’m feeling a bit like that! It’s been a real WWF month! You can read that as Work, Webinars, and Flu.

Work is a blessing and I am grateful, at my age, to still be able to work and not feel like a passenger in my life’s journey. My heart goes out to the unemployed. What must it feel like to have a family to feed but you can’t find a job? In many parts of the world the unemployed are fortunate enough to receive a subsistence allowance from their governments, but I always wonder what this situation does to one’s self image? Otherwise, how do people survive?

Webinars are an unbelievable facility of modern technology enabling thousands of people from all over the world to simultaneously log in to a live rendering of lectures and discussions. I have one major problem however, and that is the time zone which I happen to live in! These webinars always seem to take place at a time that gets me out of bed at 2:00am and keeps you busy until at least 4:00am when it is almost time to start getting ready to leave for work!

Then there was the flu, rotating in turn through the whole family and back again. Don’t you find it amazing that creatures, too small even to be seen under a conventional microscope, can overcome us and make us so ill? In fact even capable of causing death?

Actually, I believe it is even a misnomer to refer to them as “creatures” because they do not comply with accepted definitions defining living creatures, and are therefore scientifically often referred to as “almost life”.

Here, however, is the May 2013 edition of The Watering Hole News. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. The June edition should follow soon.

All the best,


Living Inspirations:

Ji-Hae Park: The violin, and my dark night of the soul

In her quest to become a world-famous violinist, Ji-Hae Park fell into a severe depression. Only music was able to lift her out again -- showing her that her goal needn’t be to play lofty concert halls, but instead to bring the wonder of the instrument to as many people as possible.

Ji-Hae Park spreads the joy of classical to music to those who might not otherwise hear it -- and in the process shows that you can rock out on the violin.

Click on the link below to watch an awesome short video:

Ji-Hae Park - Violinist

Matter Matters: The Physical Sciences:

Well-Preserved Woolly Mammoth With Flowing Blood Discovered In Siberia

The dream of bringing woolly mammoths back to life has been a bit of a stretch. But a new discovery in Russia’s Far East is providing the best chance of that becoming a reality yet!

To read further, click on the link: Woolly Mammoth

Life Matters: The Social Sciences:

Learn To Read Chinese ... With Ease!

The first Chinese person I met was Stella Chan, a young missionary in Zambia. Apart from the persecution of Chinese Christians had to suffer at the height of the Communist Cultural Revolution, had an even more personal problem. Her grandfather was an Opium Emperor. On becoming a Christian she was severely ostracized and expelled from her family. She fled China and committed herself to full time mission work.

I have always wondered how difficult it must be to make sense of Chinese writing. On asking Stella what Chinese writing was based on, she jokingly stated the obvious, “Lots and lots of squiggles”!

Would you also like a bit of insight? Here is a short and entertaining video that at least gives us an idea.

Click on the link below: ShaoLan - Learn to read Chinese

Life And Matter Homepage: Recent Updates

Jesus Our High Priest

Jesus Our High Priest

Truth, Beauty, And Goodness:

Pearls From Pepper Blair:

Fate Through Revelation

I forever will remember,

Though the years so swiftly pass,

Gazing at a pool of water

Still and clear as glass,

Seeing not just my reflection,

But another’s at my side.

Yet, I was alone as certain

As the truth is now my guide.

Surely I beheld the future

On that sunny springtime day,

Gazing at a liquid mirror

Whiling time away,

By the virtue of a vision

Prophesying things to be.

It is fate through revelation

That she still abides by me.

Copyright 2012-2013 by Pepper Blair,

Living In The Spirit: Nuggets Of Faith

Pope calls for loyalty from Chinese Catholics

The Roman Catholic Church now has a newly ordained Pope.

As the spiritual leader of the world’s millions of Roman Catholics one has to acknowledge the tremendous influence he will have.

Let us all, regardless of our religious affiliations, take time out to pray for him.
Pope calls for loyalty from Chinese Catholics

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