What, When, and How?

The The-Origin-Of-Matter for many believers is regarded as self-evident. It was created by God! 

However, many others,   although also believing that everything was created by God, are nevertheless intrigued by questions such as:

  • What does matter actually consist of?
  • When did matter come into existence?
  • How did matter over time increase to the complexity we now observe?

On this page we discuss the second question: “When”. The others will be dealt with on other pages.

The-Origin-Of-Matter Observed In Space And On Earth

Heart of our Galaxy

The Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy

Credit NASA

Erupting Volcano

Erupting Volcano

Credit Google Images

When Did Matter Originate?

Most scientists now believe that our universe, encompassing all known life-and-matter, originated some 4,500 million years ago in a cataclysmic event described as the Big Bang. Concepts such as the existence of of Dark-Matter and Antimatter which emanate from scientific research are discussed on other relevant pages.

The concept of a Rapidly Expanding Universe is derived from observations of astronomers that the Cosmos is even now expanding in all directions at a phenomenal and accelerating pace.

This of course implies that going further back in time, there would be a progressively closer proximity amongst all matter. We would then eventually reach a point when, in theory, every particle of matter from the entire universe would be firmly squashed into a minute, solid, and unimaginably dense lifeless lump of energy!

Physicists researching theories of Quantum Mechanics as to the the-origin-of-matter refer to this state as the Zero Point Field, which would have consisted almost entirely of an incalculable amount of constrained Zero Point Energy straining to be released.

According to The-Big-Bang-Theory they are able to calculate this process all the way back to the first milliseconds after the onset of the Big Bang. But then, paradoxically, they run into problems and all their calculations start falling apart.

The dilemma is that on calculating any further they arrive at the unavoidable conclusion that everything, all life-and-matter throughout the Universe, actually originated from "Nothing"! A completely sterile Void! By their own admission however, and according to their own perceptions, they summarily reject such questioning of this paradox  as being utterly “unscientific”!

Unlike those that believe in God, however, they don’t offer any indisputable alternative answers!

The Big Bang Expansion Timeline

Backtracking Our Expanding Universe To It's Concentrated Origin.

The Big Bang Timeline

Artists graphic impression of the the-origin-of-matter and the consequent expansion of the Universe over the last 13.7 billion years

Credit NASA

How Did Matter Originate?

Accepting that all living as well as inert matter emanated from the dynamic forces set in motion by the Big Bang resulting in the-origin-of-matter, we are unavoidably forced to ask: Creator-Or-Chance? What or Who initiated or triggered this phenomenon?

In attempting to establish the origin-of-matter we now arrive at only two diametrically opposed possibilities.

That The-Origin-Of-Matter as we know it emanated from a process planned and executed by a Supreme Creator who brought everything into existence from unlimited resources of energy.?

Or that the opposite is true, namely that everything came into existence out of own volition, purely by Chance, from what could only have been an empty sterile Void? In fact a situation that can only be described as a state of “non-existence”, consisting of absolutely nothing in the purest sense of the word?

Unfortunately however, neither of these two concepts can be scientifically proven as being irrefutably correct! Our convictions, one way or the other, remain an individual’s cognizant choice determined by his or her own paradigm of understanding and prejudices regarding the The-Origin-Of-Matter.

Why Should Christians Keep Up To Date With Discoveries Regarding The-Origin-Of-Matter?

Concepts regarding God’s Creation are extremely divisive amongst Christians. Believers are divided into two main camps.

  • The“New World” group is compiled of those adhering to the literal interpretation of the Creation Story as it is described in Genesis 1 and 2 in the Bible. This leads to concepts such as that the- origin-of–matter occurred approximately 6,000 years ago when the whole universe was created over a period of six twenty-four-hour days.
  • The“Old World” group is compiled of those who believe that the Bible was written as a record of God’s interaction with specific individuals and groups of people, living at a specific time and place. The intention of the authors was to convey spiritual truths to their contemporaries in regard to their specific situations. The essence of most of these spiritual truths have implications that are valid for all time, but not necessarily the detail or the wording as a whole.

The adherents of the second group hold that the Bible was never intended to be a scientific handbook regarding the-origin-of-matter and should not be interpreted as such. It is only logical to accept that, when referring to physical aspects of nature they would be severely handicapped. Firstly by the limited parameters of their knowledge base, and secondly by the restrictions imposed by the inadequacy of their vocabulary.

It is imperative that we should humbly acknowledge that we ourselves, even today, are also to a degree inhibited by the same limitations.

This post is not intended to argue the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of these two positions. This can be discussed elsewhere. What is important is that, as evangelists, it is imperative that we acquire an understanding of what everybody’s views entail. We must remember however that our opinions in this regard do not determine our salvation.

Our calling is first and foremost to spread the Gospel of Grace and Salvation through Jesus Christ! In doing so we must be sensitive to the existing paradigms of those we are attempting to influence.

Our own views regarding the-origin-of-matter need to be informed and up to date. We must ensure they never become unnecessary stumbling blocks that hinder the work of the Holy Spirit.

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