Origins and Differences

The term  life-and-matter  refers to the nature of all matter and specifically the nature, origin and difference between them and  living-matter . .  

Observing Formation Of Life-And-Matter In Process

When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have ordained; what is man, that you think of him? What is the son of man, that you care for him?

Psalm 8: 3-4 NLT

The Crab Nebula - distance 6,500 light years

Credit NASA / ESA

Enriching Christian Spirituality Through Enhanced Knowledge Of Life-And-Matter

Our Knowledge of life-and-matter is expanding so rapidly that some of the inherited perceptions that have until now underpinned our Christian Faith no longer appear to  be applicable. 

They need to be constantly reviewed and transformed, if need be, based on new knowledge and developments in Scientific research, in order to  maintain our  relevance in today's quantum world. 

This does not in any degree question the validity of the Scriptures. Their main purpose is the enhancement and promotion of mankind's spiritual relationship with our creator.

Inevitably, the framework and worldview presented by the authors of the scriptures were based on their limited knowledge of the natural world in their lifetime. For instance, they believed that the earth was flat and that the sun rotated around the earth.

How ever, surely this actually attests to the genuineness of their writings. The Scriptures were written for spiritual enhancement and not as a  source for scientific reference. 

Expanding Knowledge Of Life-And-Matter Is Driving Social And Technological Change

Our societies have undergone such mind-boggling social and technological changes over the last few centuries, that the very foundations of our inherited concepts, both spiritual and social, have been shaken to the core.

In fact, many convictions that in the past have served as foundations are being eroded. Many believers feel lost and and confused, casting about in search of a new Compass!

Inherited convictions concerning Life-And-MatterThe Origin Of Matter as well as The Origin Of Life, are in disarray.

Never before has mankind had such free and easy access to seemingly boundless sources of information as we are increasingly becoming accustomed to.

Unfortunately, the resulting information-overload has had devastating effects on both religion and the fabric of society as a whole.

Inherited cultural traditions that were based on Faith and Trust - especially in the West - are being sidelined and replaced by Agnostic Skepticism.

This is increasingly due to affluent lifestyles and uninformed opinions pertaining to the nature of Life-And-Matter. Due to the said information overload we are being exposed to has, sadly, led to a decline in the inherent compassion and understanding traditionally so characteristic of our Christian faith. We are all the poorer for this.

Fortunately, the other side of the coin is that these same boundless resources of knowledgetechnology, and infrastructure that have so overwhelmed us, are partly responsible for many of our problems. In fact they also present us with unimaginable opportunities! We must Step out in Faith and utilise them.

Are you like me? I have been a believing Christian all of my life, but one who largely remained just a passenger - securely closeted aboard the "boat of faith" afforded by the the Christian Church while the storm is raging outside?

Thankfully I have since been lead to deciding that it is time to stand up, climb over the side, and follow the apostle Peter's example of stepping out in faith onto stormy waters, to serve the Lord.

Won't you join me in attempting, however adequately and clumsily, to do our bit for the kingdom Christ?

We are all aware and hopefully are concerned about the decline of traditional Christendom, but probably feel too inadequate and insignificant to do anything about it.

Well, there is an African saying:"If you think being tiny is insignificant, try and spend a night in a hut with a mosquito!"

We must, as believers, pro-actively shoulder our responsibilities in respect of our Stewardship of the Church of Christ by staying informed as to the newest knowledge regarding all Life And Matter?

We must help each other understand and help formulate insights into how new Truths that are being learned could be incorporated into an enhanced understanding of the Magnitude and Glory of our God!  

As stated in our Mission Statement, it is my dream that this website will develop into a vibrant, insightful, and enjoyable platform, that provides a forum where we can communicate and encourage each other while finding opportunities to carry out Christ's commission.

Rather like a watering hole on an old caravan route! Where we can stop for a while, change our stories, replenish our supplies, make new acquaintances, help each other then, refreshed, resume our individual travels.

We all have our own talents with which we can serve.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could establish an inter-denominational, worldwide, network of believers that become involved in forming a forum for exchanging experiences, identifying opportunities and help to utilize available resources. 

In other words, transforming our knowledge of Life And Matter into building Lives that Matter!

An Invitation to Sceptics And Unbelievers:

Regarding the debate on the origins and manifestations of all life-and-matter, I would like to extend a welcome to this website by any Sceptics, Unbelievers as well as those Faithful that may be hurt or confused.

To quote Marcus Aurelius: 

 "Everything you read or hear is  just someone's opinion.                         Everything you see is from a specific viewpoint.                                      The same object observed from a different angle will no longer look     exactly  the same.                                                                                         None of us possess the whole Truth".

Please read through the insights we attempt to present on this website. Hopefully there are some you may appreciate, or maybe you can help us with  more profound insights.

Credit Google Image

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Do you have any specific passions and recommendations?
Please share it all with us!

We are all helpers as well as seekers. Let us build a forum where we can join hands and help each other to stay focussed on both living aswell as propogating our faith.

May we always reflect the love of Jesus to light our way?

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